Sunday, July 6, 2014

Freebie Trading An Internet Business That Really Works

You've seen advertisements coming through your email box, or even on TV that tell you how you can get a free laptop computer just for visiting a website and completing a few sponsor offers and referring a few of your friends to do the same. This type of website is known as an incentivized freebie website of IFW for short and is a form of marketing that has grown rapidly in recent years.
IFWs can afford to give away gifts like laptops, desktops, big screen tvs and more because advertisers pay them per lead they send to them. That is, the IFW gets paid by each advertiser for every offer completed on that site.

For the advertiser, placing their offer on an incentive based site allows them to generate leads for their products quite cheaply as compared to other media.

You can profit from IFWs in three main ways:

Method 1: You can get paid for completing the offer requirements for others, also known as "going green." Why would anyone want to pay you to do that, you ask? Considering that some prizes require upwards of 10 referrals, rather than bothering friends and family, it is much easier and quicker to pay strangers to do it. There are other reasons related to the second way to money from IFWs which I will tell you about shortly.

Using this method, you can earn anywhere from $20 to $100 per site, depending on the offer requirements and the value of the site. Typically, the more difficult a site is to complete, the more you will be paid. You will typically receive your money through Paypal.

Method 2. This way involves getting paid from the IFWs directly and is a little more complicated. IFWs also offer cash prizes as well as items like laptops etc. IFWs will pay you for each referral that you send to them who completes the offer requirements. How much depends on how difficult the site is to complete. You can get paid anywhere from $20 to $200 per completed referral.

You can get referrals by asking friends and family to help out, but if you are going to make a living doing this, you will have to pay people. Remember method 1, where you were getting paid to be someone's referral? Well, now you are on the opposite side of that transaction. How much will you have to pay? People will usually pay someone half of what the site pays them. So if a site is worth $40 per referral, you would offer to pay someone $20 be your referral and complete the requirements.
Because most IFWs allow you to refer an unlimited amount of people and collect an unlimited amount of gifts, you can see that you can make a tidy profit by continuing to refer people to even a single IFW over and over again.

Method 3: This method is the most complicated and is not commonly used. It involves taking the prizes received from IFWs like ipods, laptops, big screen tvs etc and selling them on Ebay. Most people do not bother with this method and stick with the first two.

Most people get involved in freebies by using the first method; that is getting paid for completing offers (going green) and then from there transition to the second method by taking those sites which they completed and start referring people of their own to them.

There are some things to be aware of when using this method to make money. One is you must be very organized and read all of the terms and conditions of each offer for which you sign up. That way, there won't be any surprises, and if you decide that the service or product is not for you, you can cancel before the trial period is over to avoid unwanted charges on your credit card. Another is, because the advertisers are looking for leads that turn into paying customers, you should only take offers for which you have some interest and along with that, you should not cancel the trial too soon. If you must cancel, you should do so during the final days of the trial.

Freebie traders, as we call ourselves, usually congregate on various trading forums on the Internet that specialize in everything freebie related. These forums allow traders to post what sites they are offering and how much they are paying for a "green" or a completed referral on each. Most forums also have a rating system similar to eBay's where users can leave feedback on their experience with each trader with whom they deal.

In closing, freebie trading is an excellent way for people to generate an online income and unlike other methods, it requires very little capital or technical know-how.