Friday, July 25, 2014

Forex Trade Management For High Profitability

There are so many Forex traders today who just do net seem to have the right perspective in making for a successful winning trade. Most of these traders know that to be successful in Forex trade, you have to minimize your losses and maximize you profits. But how do you go about doing this will be the big question that bugs so many Forex losers.
And if it so happens that you are one of those losers, let me help you out with 4 suggestions that might turn your losses to winnings. Let me first start with 2 suggestions which are first, the importance of placing a stop loss mechanism to you trading and second, the up and down adjustment of your stop loss as the trading moves in your favor.
First suggestion: Placing your stop loss
It is important to always place a stop-loss every time you do Forex trade. Place your stops 2-6 pips below the most recent low if you do a long position while if you go for short position, place your stops 2-6 pips with the addition of spread above most recent high.
Initial placement of stop loss is very important, and you have to take note of this if you do not want your account wiped out There are many cases of traders who give no importance to stop loss mechanism only to find out their account zeroed out by losses.
This stop loss mechanism was purposely made for the protection of traders because of the inherent volatility of Forex trade. You will be facing a big risk by not utilizing this mechanism designed to protect your investment.
Second suggestion: Adjust your stops up when trading goes in your favor
It would be a very disheartening situation for you if after a series of small variation in prices, the trade begins to consistently move in your favor that would make your trade in a winning position when all of a sudden before you can react to secure your profits, the price reverted back to its old price and went even farther away from your position. This is a winning position that resulted suddenly into a loss.
In a Forex trade, you have actually not just two kinds of movement which are known as the up movement or the uptrend and the down movement which is the downtrend. The third kind of movement is what is known as range movement, where the price moves up or down within a specific range.
Adjusting your stops up when the price goes in your favor is a way of trapping profits before it can revert back and result to a loss for you.